Presents and Presence

Presents and Presence
‘Tis the season and thoughts turn to Jolly Elves, holiday festivities and STUFF! Aside from birthdays, this is usually the time that preppers think of getting those wish list items that maybe you couldn’t justify just getting during the year. Everyone has different priorities, food/water storage, clothing, utilities, weapons, home upgrades, etc.
Might I suggest an alternative gift? Education. Or, presence of mind enhancement. There are a number of resources that you can use to improve your preparedness efforts. Just having things can be nice, and of course, if you have 3 books on how to use a water catchment system but you don’t have any piping or a container, you aren’t getting very far. But it’s equally important to have some knowledge of how that system works because if someone for instance just gave you one, you might not know how to maintain it, or duplicate it for another person.
Another suggestion to consider is the medium you are getting the education in. It can’t be argued that using an Ebook will let you store dozens or hundreds of books instead of a shelf of books that you can read on the go or wherever. This could reach into the possible realm of End Times/TEOFTWAWKI etc. but if you want to consider having access to that information without electricity, then having those resources in paper format would be a good idea.
A classic resource you should look at is Backwoods Home magazine. For many years, this had a little bit of everything the modern survivalist would need; homesteading, weapons, cooking. They finally transitioned to an online version and the print version is titled Self-Reliance.
Podcasts, of course, have some great information and if you carried them around in a portable MP3 player that had a minimum draw of power.
I hope you’ll find some resources that you find useful and a good balance between analog and digital that will help you grow in your preps and education so that you don’t have to BeWARE but Be Aware.
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I thought of Survival Mom, who has some great ideas and might be a format that the ladies might be able to connect with better.
And, all links above are NOT affiliates, just sharing resources with you.