It’s a New Resolution. Really!

It’s a New Resolution. Really!
It’s the New Year, 2018 and like most people, you were probably thinking about all the things you’re going to do differently this year. You’re going to set aside food and water, you’re going to plan for alternative energy sources, read more about permaculture and even eat better and exercise.
(PS – do you know what Gyms call people who make New Years Resolutions and buy 1-year memberships? Profit)
Is it a good thing to set goals? Of course, it is. Should we make plans on how we want to reach those goals? Absolutely. Is it important to set reasonable goals? Yes.
Are you going to have two pistols, a rifle, and shotgun and be fully proficient in all of them by the Summer when you’ve never picked up a gun before? Are you going to have a fully sustainable farm with crops and livestock by years end when you just got a subscription to Backwoods Home/Self-Reliance?
We set goals so we can be focused and accountable. We set our goals a little higher to help us get out of our comfort zone. We need to also set reasonable goals because when we want to lose 10 lbs and only lose 8; we don’t think of how we only missed 10 lbs by 2 lbs but how 8 wasn’t enough. If you can find that ‘sweet spot’ in between “falling off the couch easy” and “requires Olympic level training” you can balance doing what you know you should be doing instead of putting all of your resources into something that’s not feasible (I got a great deal on this army surplus generator and I’m sure the Building Manager won’t mind me putting it on the balcony of my apartment)
Remember the basics: Bullets, Beans, Bunker, and Bandages. What can you use where you are with what you have. Start with that or build your way up to it. Taking some Project Appleseed classes. Finding some co-ops or LDS groups that do canning. Someone who’s already homesteading that might trade some knowledge/crops/meat for some help on site.
Have a goal in mind, look at how you’re going to reach it – and be creative if need be. When that goal is reached, evaluate where you are with your resources and determine what you can do next. If the big investment of your resources was in a Move, or buying that Rifle, or getting a Dehydrator, and you can’t put a lot into another stage, work small or work with what you have and get more familiar with it and when situations change, then you look at your Goals and decide what you are going to do next to stay on task.
Because when you have goals and plans with the end result in mind, you will be able to Respond to your situations and not be limited to Reacting to them.
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