The Sky Is Falling! Oh wait, It’s just the Weather…

The Sky Is Falling! Oh, wait, It’s Just the Weather…

It happens quite often. We’ve gotten used to a particular season and when the next season arrives a bit more forcefully than we expected, people panic. We’ve been treated to snow the last few days; some of us a bit more than others. It looked rather fierce at first but then settled down and melted off. In the meantime, how many people were lining up for chains, buying wood and water or other ‘necessities’ in advance of the impending disaster?

Being a prepper means you plan ahead for things that you know are going to happen so when they do, you’re not in the lines for gas or water or food, you have these things already set aside and ready to implement as needed. Depending on where you are, wet weather has already passed and now it’s the cold. Do you get high winds? Snow? Freezing rain? All of these things can affect travel, power and ability to access food and get water.

As always, depending on your budget and available space, there are a variety of options for you and remember; Doing Something is Better than Nothing but Not Better than Trying to do Everything.

Consider having ready access to warm clothes for layering

Hot water bottles can go a long way for keeping you comfortable at night

A couple gallons of water for cooking, washing and waste disposal; adjust by resident size (1 gallon/person/day) and don’t forget your pets!

Are your tires ready for winter? Would it be better to have something that works in the snow including chains? How about a blanket and traction assets in the trunk like kitty litter or carpet remnants.

Taking the time Now to have options when things go sideways, even if it’s inconvenient, even if it means spending a little extra money, will go a long way towards peace of mind when everyone else is clearing the shelves at the store or worse, you can’t get to the store.

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