A New Hope

A New Hope
It’s a Star Wars reference, I’m a Geek. Get used to it.
We’re seeing all nature of disasters (I couldn’t resist) on the Gulf and West Coasts. Americans are losing homes, property, lives. What possibly could be the upside to this? A New Hope. There have been tragedies and there are opportunities. Learning from what didn’t work. Learning from what wasn’t done. And then Doing Something. The goal of being prepared is Doing Something. DS. Not BS. If all that we do is research and learn and study or worse, deny, then even the simplest of crisis situations will hurt you.
We can help our neighbors, we can accept help from our neighbors and set aside the Lone Wolf mentality that can hold us back. We can learn about what we can do to lessen or avoid a crisis and if we have that knowledge, we can share that with others.
It’s not going to be easy. We are at different levels of means and the person who can buy a years worth of food and water living on 5 acres can’t convince someone who lives in an apartment paycheck to paycheck to do this.
I learned from some business mentors long ago that Success means different things to different people. One person sees 3 cars and 4 houses. Another sees taking a vacation with the family once a year.
When we’re learning and sharing information with others, you need to know yourself and the people you’re talking to. Find out what can be reasonably done before you have the truck show up with the pallets of freeze-dried meals and bullets. Ask if they’ve considered what they would do if the local grocery store wasn’t available. We aren’t tyrants. You can’t force someone to make clear choices. You can inspire someone; Hey, remember when the flood happened and the gas stations couldn’t restock and no one had gas? I started setting aside a container a month. We also can, within reason, provide that cold splash of reality to someone who thinks it could never happen to them; Your truck has less than half a tank of gas and you’ve got two boxes of Ramen noodles in the kitchen. Are you going to wait and see what the relief agency is going to spare for you, assuming you can get them?
There is a lot of misery and uncertainty going on. There is hope. If we ourselves grow and realize what could be done and help others set and reach their own goals, there can be, A New Hope.
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