Life Happens. Do you respond or react?

Life is going to happen. There is no question, no debate about this. That can range from absolutely NOTHING out of the ordinary happening to the winning lottery ticket blowing through your car window or a catastrophic incident straight out of the “Final Destination” movies visiting you. There are some things you can have some responses for and not doing so can mean the difference to a minor speed bump to a 20 car pileup in your life.

My goal is to give some suggestions, counsel, advice, maybe a cold bucket of water to help you do some things that will give you some control in the chaos that can be life at times.

I hope you’ll find some useful ideas and I’ll be passing along some thoughts that I’ve had, that I’ve happened across and all of that can help you plan to Respond to Life instead of always Reacting to life.

I’m the Puget Sound Prepper.

It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN.

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