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January Specials have great deals on Chicken and Bananas and Pineapple! Brocolli, Kale, and Blueberries help you eat healthier than you might be now with less prep and possible waste. Take a look!

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Presents and Presence

Presents and Presence ‘Tis the season and thoughts turn to Jolly Elves, holiday festivities and STUFF! Aside from birthdays, this is usually the time that preppers think of getting those wish list items that maybe you couldn’t justify just getting during the year. Everyone has different priorities, food/water storage, clothing, utilities, weapons, home upgrades, etc. …

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You’ll find here a collection of resources for supplies and other support information that trust and would recommend to you. I will indicate on each one which is an affiliate link that I will receive compensation or such from in the interest of full disclosure. Some of them may not be fully Preparedness oriented in a way you might think of, but it is something that will enrich or improve your life.


The Fear Not company is a Port Orchard based, Veteran owned business that offers a wide variety of self-protection and security equipment that can give you peace of mind for your loved ones and yourself.